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Truck scale warranties Another important aspect of scale ownership is the warranty. When selecting a service provider, take the time to evaluate your options closely when it comes to the warranty, as these options can vary considerably. Some manufacturers offer a very limited standard warranty with expanded warranty coverage at an added cost. What does the warranty cover? Determine the specific level and duration of coverage for the following:

  • Types of components covered
  • Types of failures covered
  • Replacement parts
  • Onsite labor
  • Travel costs for technicians
  • Lightning (typically addressed in its own section in the warranty.

There may be certain components that are excluded from the warranty, or that may be covered under their own separate warranty, such as printers. How long is the warranty? Some manufacturers prorate their level of coverage as the scale ages. That means their warranty may only cover a percentage of any covered repair after a few years. How close is the manufacturer? Does your scale manufacturer have a local presence? If not, you may want to consider the added travel time and cost associated with dispatching a technician from another location. Who can service my scale? A reputable company that is qualified to perform scale services can typically do so on any make and model of truck scale. To ensure that you are finding the right service provider for you, consider quotes for multiple programs. Be sure to compare the content of those programs and not just the price. Just as the prices may vary, so too can the level of service and expertise you receive.

Good questions to ask can include:

  • Are there fixed rates for service calls?
  • Is there a guaranteed response time for service calls?
  • What are the required qualifications for your technicians?
  • How do your technicians source common replacement parts?