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AVS-7 Unattended Truck Scale Terminal

The AVS-7 Automated Vehicle Scale Control allows drivers to complete weighing transactions 24/7, without leaving their cab.

Ideal for applications where 24/7 access to a truck scale is required

It is ideal for many applications where 24/7 scale access and driver operated control is desirable:

  • agriculture
  • aggregates
  • asphalt
  • feed mill
  • food processing
  • mining
  • recycling solid waste
  • transfer station and more

Consists of an automated control console

The AVS-7 kiosk is one component of an integrated unattended truck scale system from Avery Weigh-Tronix. It consists of an automated control console – an advanced E1310 indicator and thermal printer inside a NEMA 4 enclosure.

Additional options available for increased driver / operator convenience

Options such as an ID card reader, QWERTY keyboard, vehicle detection and intercom can be added for increased flexibility.

This unattended truck scale terminal keeps your truck scale running smoothly without a dedicated operator, lowering operating costs and extending the hours of availability.

920i HMI Automated Ticketing Kiosks

Weigh/Check In Kiosk

  • 920i® HMI with sun shield
  • Four serial ports
  • 120 VAC
  • Two option slots for 920i option cards

Weigh Out/Printer Kiosk

  • 920i® HMI with sun shield
  • Six serial ports
  • 1 MB database memory
  • Two additional expansion slots
  • Slide door access to ticket
  • 8 in paper roll
  • Operator prompting
  • Formatable tickets
  • Traffic light control
  • Transmits weight to remote display
  • Direct thermal kiosk printer


The FB2560 Series Driver Assist Terminal is designed to speed the vehicle weighing process and reduce associated operating costs. By allowing drivers to remain inside their vehicles, the FB2560 DAT also eliminates safety concerns and liabilities that can occur when drivers walk across scale platforms and traffic lanes.

The FB2560 DAT’s reduction in weighment time increases scale throughput and overall efficiency. The FB2560 DAT also enables 24-hour operation without additional labor costs and has built-in ethernet connectivity that easily interfaces scale transaction data with a company’s existing computer network.

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