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7880 Parcel Shipping Scale

The 7880 durable 18” x 18” Bench Scale provides the best accurate and reliable weight measurement for static or in- line shipping applications.

Designed with a hard wearing stainless steel weight platter and a rugged powder coated, carbon steel base housing that helps to fully protect the centrally mounted aluminum analog load cell from damage.

Supplied with a built-in flush fitting, six digit 1⁄2” high LCD display that is mounted centrally in the front face of the base.

An optional second remote display can be plugged in to give a customer facing weight reading.

A range of emulation protocols are available within the scale to allow you to quickly select the correct compatible communication protocol to interface with a wide range of third party post, mail and shipping software programs or host devices. This will be communicated through either a serial RS232, USB (HID) or USB (VCP) port found on the rear of the base.

BenchPro BP-S

The BenchPro™ BP-S shipping digital scale captures package weights, then seamlessly transmits the data to your warehouse management or shipping manifest software. Knowing the weight of your incoming and outgoing product will help you make logistics decisions that save you time and money.

Available in several standard sizes with capacities up to 300 pounds (150 kilograms), the BP-S is metrologically approved by NTEP and Measurement Canada to be used as a Legal for Trade scale ensuring accurate, repeatable weighments. Choose from the standard stainless steel smooth top, ball top shroud, or roller conveyor model to ease operator handling and warehouse needs. Multiple display mounting arrangements mean the display is easily visible, yet out of harm’s way while in use.

Ultegra® Parcel Shipping Scale

Since 1999, the Fairbanks Ultegra® Parcel Shipping Scale has been a popular choice for mailroom shipping operations worldwide. There are more than 200,000 Ultegra scales in use today! This rugged and reliable parcel shipping staple is also suited for a variety of other non-washdown, general weighing applications up to 150 lbs.

The Ultegra is made with a high-impact gray ABS composite material that makes it lightweight, yet extremely rugged. The composite material is reinforced with molded structural ribs that provide up to 300 percent overload protection.

The Ultegra platform is designed to control deflection (bending) when a load is applied, which significantly increases its accuracy. It also provides repeatable load introduction for the highest
degree of precision offered.

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