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iDimension® 100

Rice Lake’s iDimension™ 100 is the fastest solution for calculating NTEP Certified dimensions of boxes, flats, polybags, tubes and other irregular-shaped packages. iDimension 100 is designed to ensure freight compliance and deter revenue-loss from miscalculated dimensions in retail, office and shipping environments. With an operator display directly attached and no PC interface required, iDimension 100 is truly plug and play—simply open, assemble and display dimensions. Instantly.

iDimension® LTL

– Complete with target zone LEDs to eliminate the need for physically marking the dimensioning area & an operator display, the iDimension LTL uses advanced sensing technology to accurately capture cubic dimensions of freight in less than 2 seconds. Automating your dimensioning operations with iDimension LTL eliminates the risk of human error while increasing accuracy and efficiency.

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