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Imagine you’re driving along the highway on a road trip and waiting for a visitor center so you can use the restroom. You’re checking each exit carefully so you don’t miss it. You see a bunch of trucks getting ready to get off the highway to go to the weighing station. You might wonder, “What is that even for?”

Truck weigh stations are important because weighing trucks prevents overweight trucks from going onto highways that cannot handle the heavy load. Trucks that weigh over the regulated weight limit can cause irreparable damage to roads and bridges. Many states collect taxes on transported goods based on weight.

Atlanta Scales is the premiere company for all things weight. When it comes to weighing big trucks, you want to make sure your scale can handle every kind of load. Sometimes life happens or parts need to be replaced, that’s why we offer 24 services!

The next time you pass by a weight station, remember Atlanta Scales is the one making sure it runs smoothly!