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When you think of a scale, you probably think of the one in your bathroom collecting dust. Scales are a huge part of everyday life! From getting fruits and veggies at the grocery store to your pharmacist making sure you have the right amount of medication. Scales are used everywhere!

Atlanta Scales is your local industrial and commercial scales expert! We’ve been working in the scales industry since 1967. That’s over 55 years! What exactly do we provide?

We sell and service industrial scales for a variety of industries. Our team works with a range of different industries. From labs to railroad scales, we do it all! We help companies keep maintenance their scales, do repairs, and help with getting parts. Atlanta Scales also offer 24/7 service, because you never know when something will go wrong.
The next time you visit your pharmacist or buy vegetables from the grocery store, think about all the scales we need for everyday life!