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Forklift scales can dramatically increase your customer’s efficiency and throughput during the material handling process. These scales are quick and easy to install and increase profits by saving time. To recommend the best system for your customer, plan a visit to examine the forklift and discuss individual application needs. When you visit the facility, note how the customer intends to use their forklift scale and how it will affect their operations. Will the scale be exposed to static, washdown, or other conditions? It’s important to ask these questions, review peripheral locations, and determine functions of the scale with the operator. Forklift scales are most compatible with counterbalance forklifts, the most common type of forklift in industrial environments. For all other types of forklifts consult with the scale manufacturer to conclude whether a scale can be installed. Forklift scale selection depends on the forklift’s carriage size. Unfortunately, this can’t be established from the make and model of the forklift alone. To provide some guidance – a forklift’s lifting capacity can help categorize the carriage class type, but the carriage profile is the best way to determine scale viability.