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Ensuring Reliability

Planned maintenance activities The accuracy of your scale is undoubtedly important, but you also want to ensure the reliability and longevity of the scale. Certain parts of a truck scale are designed to be replaced over time. Much like a set of tires on your car, these worn parts should be replaced before they actually fail. From a practical standpoint, this allows a responsive scale owner to schedule these procedures when they are convenient, as op[1]posed to paying a premium for emergency service at the worst possible time. Consistent inspection and preventive maintenance procedures will reduce the cost of ownership and extend the scale’s life. Although certain procedures will vary based on your scale’s design and configuration, the following list includes many of the general inspection points that make up a thorough service visit:

Weighbridge and foundation:

  • Inspect scale approaches for damage.
  • Check the scale and foundation, and look for any binding between the deck and the foundation.
  • Inspect the edges of the scale for any foreign objects (stones, etc.).
  • Examine the area under the scale for buildup of debris.
  • Test drain pumps (where applicable) and inspect drainage systems.
  • Closely examine the weighbridge. Look for cracks, corrosion, stress patterns and broken welds.
  • Inspect the deck module couplers, and look for damage.