Echelon EH Series Economical Floor Scales

Cardinal Scale’s Echelon EH floor scales provide exceptional performance in light industrial and NTEP legal-for-trade applications for warehouses, logistics operations, processing plants, and shipping/ receiving departments. Ideally suited for pallet, drum, and package weighing, the Echelon’s checkered carbon steel deck tread-plate with powder-coat paint handles rugged industrial weighing use. The EH series features 4-ft-square platforms, 5,000 lb x 1 lb and 10,000 lb x 2 lb capacities, NTEP-approved IP67 waterproof anti-corrosion shear beam load cells, 3/16”-thick checkered steel deck, 2.2-in/5.6-cm diameter rubber feet, and durable structural steel channel.

FCQH Hinge Top Floor Scale

Ideal floor scales for demanding, hygiene-centric environments

The FCQH floor scale was designed to perform in some of the most demanding industries including food processing.

It features hermetically sealed stainless steel Weigh Bar weight sensors (sealed to IP68) which are very durable yet highly accurate.

The platform scale also provides surface protection against foreign matter including bacteria, food, and other kinds of debris.

High capacity floor scale

The FCQH is available in 5,000lbs and 10,000 lbs capacities

Maximizes uptime for your operation

The hinge top scale’s stainless steel struts, stainless junction box and safety tread deck plating all combine to make the FCQH hard wearing, safe and easy to maintain, resulting in less downtime for your operation.

The scale has a semi-open access hinge top design which provides easy access for a complete washdown.

MH-524 Mini Hugger Floor Scale

Cardinal Scale’s Mini Hugger heavy-duty floor scale is perfect for industrial weighing applications and provides accurate and reliable drum or barrel weighing. The model MH-524 features a single point load cell, 24 x 24-inch mild steel platform with tan baked-on powder paint, 1/2-inch-thick deck plate, and the scale is rugged enough for daily use in the busiest of warehouses. The heavy, solid base (209 lb) provides a solid support structure for loading barrels and heavy containers on top while weighing. Four adjustable-height feet and a 10-ft-long load cell cable paired with any of Cardinal Scale’s 200 series digital indicators creates a weighing system that accomplishes any industrial job accurately and reliably.

Avery Weight-Tronix Floor Scales

Our floor scales are designed to be used in tough industrial environments. Renowned for their strength, reliability and accuracy, Avery Weigh-Tronix floor scales have stood the test of time in harsh environments all over the world. All of our scales are easy to install, use and maintain, so they won’t slow your business down.

Our floor scales are available in a range of sizes, capacities and prices to suit every application. Many are portable scales and some are suited for specialized environments, like heavy washdown or explosive atmospheres.

All floor scale models can be paired with a range of indicators, software and accessories for a complete weighing and data management solution.


RoughDeck floor scales are the strongest, most accurate floor scales available. With their superior structural design, deck deflection is minimized, ensuring repeatable accuracy. RoughDeck floor scales can be made to any custom size, shape or capacity to meet unique needs. Standard or customized, RoughDeck floor scales are built for any task from basic shipping and receiving to highly corrosive environments. Engineered for ultimate performance and endurance, Rice Lake floor scales carry the durable reputation and strength of the RoughDeck name.

Harsh environments and demanding capacities are no match for the industry’s toughest floor scale. RoughDeck lives up to its name with superior structural design, specialized footing, and durable load cell and cable protection. RoughDeck’s design separates it from other floor scales by minimizing deck deflection and extraneous forces that could damage load cells. Standard or customized, the RoughDeck series is available in low-profile stationary and portable versions, and offers component interchangeability and alternative construction materials to meet specific industrial requirements—from basic shipping and receiving to highly corrosive or washdown environments.

RoughDeck Portable Floor Scales

RoughDeck BDP

The RoughDeck® BDP can be used as a stationary or portable scale and features a low-profile design that allows optional access ramps to sit flush with the ground for smooth loading of barrels and drums. The BDP is equipped with live side rails so large items and pallets that exceed the platform dimensions can be accurately weighed.

The stationary BDP can be easily converted into a portable scale with the optional portability kit. The kit is compact and sits below the live side rails. The caster-engaging mechanism in the portability frame permits operators to effortlessly move the BDP from one location to another. When ramps are attached to the portability frame, the hinges allow the operator to rest the ramps on the scale platform while in-motion.

The BDP can be paired with any Rice Lake indicator. The indicator is conveniently attached to the portability frame pedestal, which is separate from the live weighing platform, eliminating interference when zeroing the scale.

Benchmark HDP – Portable Platform Scale

The BenchMarkTM HDP portable platform scale, with capacities up to 500lbs, is the ideal option for lighter industrial and commercial applications. Choose between casters or large rear-mounted wheels. The 304 stainless steel cover is as durable as it is sleek.

This NTEP approved scale is designed with a sturdy mild steel base. The column at the back of the scale serves as both a handle for moving the unit and a stand for mounting any of several Rice Lake optional indicators: IQ plus® 355, IQ plus 390, or IQ plus 590.

Deckhand – Portable Floor Scale

The handy DeckHandTM weighs and rolls anywhere. Move the DeckHand to any part of a facility and be instantly ready to weigh accurately. The platform is designed to weigh perfectly on all corners. Off-center product loading will not affect weighing accuracy.

DeckHand wheels only touch the floor when the unit is tilted back for movement allowing the weighing platform to remain stable on uneven floors.

Partner this scale with one of Rice Lake’s battery-operated indicators. Install the IQ plus® 390-DC or IQ plus® 590-DC for a clear view of the weight no matter where the scale is located.

RoughDeck QC-X Washdown Floor Scale

Safeguard What Lies Beneath

What can’t be seen can lead to devastating consequences—both for production facilities and consumers. For ultimate microbial resistance in sanitary environments, Rice Lake’s RoughDeck® QC-X washdown floor scale is designed to meet the American Meat Institute’s (AMI) Sanitary Design Principles (SDP) to safeguard against microscopic pathogens and contaminants in food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical applications.

With food safety measures becoming more stringent, a food-borne illness outbreak is oftentimes sourced back to in-plant contamination. The RoughDeck QC-X is the ideal complement to strict hygiene control and clean in place programs as part of a multi-barrier protection system to prevent contamination and the potential for recalls. When it comes to food processing equipment, what lies beneath the immediate food contact surface not only needs to be cleaned—it needs to be completely removed.

The RoughDeck QC-X base is composed of solid, stainless steel, vertical plates—providing superior protection against liquid, product and micro-bacterial collection. This unique design also includes continuous welds and tool-less top plate locks, ensuring that during the washdown process, no contaminants are left behind. The rugged design incorporates 304 stainless steel construction and four IP69K load cells with PTFE cable for steam cleaning and washdown environments.

RoughDeck® HP, HP-H, SS and HE Bumper Guards

To protect your RoughDeck® floor scale from unwanted and potentially damaging contact, install the RoughDeck bumper guards on any or all sides. The RoughDeck HP and HP-H versions are painted safety yellow for optimal visibility, further protecting your RoughDeck floor scale.

RoughDeck® CS Coil Floor Scale

Pack all the strength and substance of a SURVIVOR® truck scale into one tight little package and what do you get? The RoughDeck CS. Made by Rice Lake for the challenge of weighing massive steel coils and other dense material, the RoughDeck CS is tougher than a truck scale and can weigh with Legal for Trade accuracy.

Steel handling is the ultimate test for industrial equipment. The RoughDeck CS’s tightly spaced steel I-beams, half inch thick top plate, and patented G-force self-checking mounting system make it the most solidly constructed scale on the market. And when it comes to extreme conditions, the RoughDeck CS takes a punch and comes back for more, delivering accurate results, day after day.

Rice Lake’s RoughDeck CS is Legal for Trade in capacities up to 100,000 pounds. Choose a standard platform size or let Rice Lake help design a RoughDeck CS to your specifications.