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Walz Portable Axle Scale AXHD Model

The AXHD axle scales are designed for the weighing of vehicles by axle group. The systems work by weighing each axle group at a time and then adding all the axle group weights to provide the total weight of the vehicle. These portable axle scales are available in multiple lengths to match the axle groups of your trucks. Out 7 ft long version is ideal for trucks with tandem axles, while our 11 ft version is used for trucks with split or triple axle groups. This allows for easier weighing and faster throughput.

Capacity: 60,000 lbs per axle group

Resolution: 20 lbs

Accuracy: +_ 0.5 – 1%

Walz AXWT Indicator Weighing Terminal

Our mild steel and stainless steel weighing terminals offer simple, intuitive operation in an affordable package. Our weigh terminals come with large digital displays, AC and battery operation operations, and programmable indicators offering multiple units of measure. With our tilt and wall stands, the Walz Scale weight terminals are the ideal solution for your weighing needs.

  • Programs for static and dynamic weighing
  • ABS carry case
  • Touch screen display
  • Interface up to 6 scale bases
  • Built-in ticket printer
  • Rechargeable battery operation
  • RS-232 interface
  • USB interface

7600 Series High Resolution Count/ Weigh Scales

The 7600 Series High Resolution Counting and General Weighing Scale offers fast, accurate weighing and powerful features. From simple one-button counting to sophisticated inventory control systems, the 7600 has a long list of features designed to adapt to your changing needs.

It features single or dual base counting, percent of error or accuracy, Sample Update.™, and a powerful RS-232 interface in rugged cast construction. Clean, efficient design means impressive accuracy and stable counting and weighing in a wide range of requirements. Simple operation with expanded features including optional DUAL BASE counting and weighing, the 7600 series adds a keyboard for display and input of Sample Quantity, Average Piece Weight (if known), Tare Weight, Product ID#. Rugged aluminum cast construction and intuitive versatility allow a range of functions now or future. DB Dual Base option allows sample-to-bulk counting when an optional 2nd Base is included.

DCSB Floor Scale System

IP65 rated mild steel general purpose weighing platform with alloy tool steel potted load cells. Pre-calibrated with SBI-521 LED indicator and interface cable.

Product Features

  • SBI-521 LED Indicator and floor scale calibrated at the factory prior to shipment
  • Match a capacity and size with SBI-521 LED indicator
  • Units can be placed into service with no on-site installation required
  • A/D conversion rate up to 25 measurements per second

FCi/FC-Si Series Counting Scales

Navigation is simple – Follow the lights! Built-in LED navigation makes unit weight registration fast and easy. Built-in functions streamline counting and checkweighing applications

  • Quickly determine if a weight count is below, within or above target with the built-in comparator function with audible buzzer alert
  • Memory storage of up to 500 IDs, including unit & tare weights and alpha-numeric item codes
  • Large, clear Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) shows all important information at a glance

Trusted Accuracy
Fast and accurate measurements and improved productivity are achieved with the Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) and Automatic Count Accuracy Improvement (ACAI).

  • High internal resolution of 1,000,0000 counts for accurate parts counting
  • ACAI, which automatically corrects errors caused by variation in unit weights

Durable Construction
Sturdy metal housing and robust weighing sensor provide the protection and stability necessary for tough industrial weighing while extending the scale’s usable life.

  • Rugged die-cast aluminum frame
  • Robust Super Hybrid Sensor’s reduced parts minimizes maintenance costs

ProDec DSL/DSLS Series Floor Scale

The stainless steel ProDec is equipped with hermetically sealed stainless Weigh Bars. The unique Weigh Bar sealing prevents air, gas and moisture from infiltrating gauge and wiring areas.

This platform scale has been designed to withstand hard industrial environments and keep weighing reliably. The steel top plate is welded to a steel support channel understructure, to keep the scale from warping and bending.

Using Weigh Bar technology for outstanding accuracy
The ProDec uses exclusive Weigh Bar weight sensors for accuracy and reliability. The Weigh Bar’s unique design and solid steel milling protects the electronics, allowing greater weighing accuracy without reducing the strength.

The Weigh Bar is less prone to damage from impact and vibration, with a lower failure rate than conventional load cells.

The stainless steel ProDec now includes side access to the stainless junction box which further reduces the chance of food, debris and other matter from getter trapped in the creases of the junction box compartment.

Robust across a range of weighing capacities
It has up to 200% end loading protection and is available in 5,000lbs, 10,000lbs and 20,000lbs capacities.

The stainless steel ProDec model, was designed with the food and chemical industry in mind and is available in standard sizes ranging from 36”x36” to 84”x60” and capacities from 2,000lb to a more heavy-duty 10,000lb.

ZK830 High Resolution Digital Counting Scale

With its Quartzell™ transducer, the unique design of the ZK830 counting scales offers a sampling accuracy unrivaled by other cell technology on the market today.

Quartzell technology allows a wider range of parts to be accurately counted – while still achieving an accuracy of more than 99.75%.

As industries move to reduce inventory and work closer to a just in time manufacturing process, component count accuracy becomes more critical to operations. The ZK830 can bring full control of stock quantity.

Conventional analog loadcells cannot offer the same level of precision as the Quartzell.

The ZK830 can also be set up as either a dedicated checkweigher or standalone bench balance.

Key features

  • Configurable, modular system: flexible to meet your application needs
  • Packed with innovative functional features, designed with the user in mind
  • Outstanding sampling accuracy
  • 100,000 division, non-legal-for-trade out of the box repeatable accuracy
  • 10,000 divisions legal-for-trade
  • 1 billion internal count resolution
  • Strong rugged base enclosure with over 1100% overload protection
  • RS232, USB and Ethernet connectivity as standard

ZK840 High Resolution Digital Counting Scale

The ZK840 counting scale offers exceptional accuracy and flexibility. A fully programmable counting scale, with database inventory control and a suite of built-in applications, this high resolution touch-screen scale has been designed with flexibility, ease of use and precision in mind.

Exceptional Flexibility
At its simplest, the ZK840 can be used as a general high resolution weighing and counting scale. A host of applications, including checkweighing, with inventory control, balance and density weighing, recipe filling, grading and pick list programs are available for use and can be fully customized if required.

Counting Scale with Inventory Control: Created to adapt to most inventory control processes, the ZK840 counts and samples components quickly and accurately, speeding up processes and improving efficiencies when counting large numbers of identical parts.

Built-in database inventory control packages store around to 5000 piece weights and provide business critical real-time stock data and statistical analysis that will help improve product line efficiency. The option to link to PLU Lookup, our external database system, enables users to capture, control and manage data for hundreds of thousands of parts on 32 linked scales.

  • Checkweighing and QA Management Application
  • Balance and Density Weighing Application
  • Grading Application
  • Pick List Kitting Application
  • Fully configurable solution
  • Touch screen graphical weight display
  • Unrivaled Strength and Precision